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Rootbound Crag
Set Magic 2011 Core Set
Type Land

Rootbound Crag enters the battlefield tapped unless you control a Mountain or a Forest.

: Add or to your mana pool.

No. 227
Illust Matt Stewart
매직 2013 코어셋 (Rare)
Magic 2010 Core Set (Rare)
Magic 2011 Core Set (Rare)
Magic 2012 Core Set (Rare)
Magic 2013 Core Set (Rare)
Premium Deck Series: Slivers (Rare)
매직 2012 코어셋 (Rare)
Ixalan (Rare)
익살란 (Rare)
Ixalan (Promo)
익살란 (Promo)
가격 최종 업데이트 : 2019-03-15 03:54:49
NORMAL 4,500₩    FOIL 7,000₩
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